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05-8-2016 22:40:35  #1

Michael's Typewriters

I just noticed that the US craft store Michael's is now selling a manual typewriter, called the We R Memory Keepers Typecast Typewriter, as well as accessories.  I relay this just as an observation, not a recommendation, as from the video I watched, the machine seems like garbage out of the box--I initially thought it was a prop when I saw one listed on eBay. Normally I would not judge a typewriter from a video, but I think it is safe to assume that this machine is likely Scrittore II quality. Aesthetically speaking, though cheap, the shape of the We R Memory Keepers is not bad, and it is another sign of renewed interest in the machines.

It seems to be geared toward scrap booking, and they also sell a lot of different little paper forms for tags and notes meant to be used with the typewriter. At the very least, it will let more people know that they still make ribbon for manual typewriters, and I do like that someone is making paper products with the typewriter in mind.


06-8-2016 16:11:13  #2

Re: Michael's Typewriters

That's very interesting.  My guess (and it is just a guess) is that it is made in China on old Nakajima tooling i.e. the same machine as the old Olympia Carina.  Although the outer casing is suitably retro (impressively so - shades of 1960's Blue Bird/Dynacord etc) the carriage ends and linescales seem to give its origins away.  It may well be a lot better than the Scrittore.  The Nakajima original, although not the finest German quality, wasn't a bad machine !


06-8-2016 17:18:37  #3

Re: Michael's Typewriters

I think you are absolutely right about it being the same machine as the Olympia Carina with an updated body. Looking at pictures of the two, the layout, controls, and many of the parts look exactly the same. I was looking at the comments on the Youtube review, and the scrap booking crowd seems rather excited about this machine, especially the design. It is pretty design.

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06-8-2016 17:50:04  #4

Re: Michael's Typewriters

As interesting as the machine is, I find the dual colour ribbon (black/brown) intriguing. I can't say that I've ever seen the black and brown combined, but it would be far more practical (for me) than the traditional black and red combo.

The carriage, as thetypewriterman pointed out, really tips off its true origin, and although I consider my Carina 2 to be a half-decent typewriter when viewed from a budget perspective, I would never pay - or think that it was worth - the $200 USD We R Memory Keepers branded model. I have mixed feelings about this; on one hand its great that there's an interest in typewriters and that a major retailer believes it can sell enough of these new rebranded models, but on the other hand I think it would be better if all those potential buyers were buying and thereby preserving all the multiple millions of used machines that still exist.

Olympia Carina 2 above, the more contemporary rebrand below. They didn't even bother to reshape the line space lever...|1024:1024


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06-8-2016 18:22:10  #5

Re: Michael's Typewriters

Someone on the ATC facebook page bought one and did a review. He was not super impressed.  He had problems with the line spacing (it was kind of random). With fiddling he was able to get it working eventually.  Also, the ribbons are very skimpy. According to the Michael's website, the ribbons are 18 feet long.  Normal nylon ribbons (like FJA) are about 16 yards.  I suppose for the crafter who wants to put a little typewritten blurb in their scrapbook 18 feet is plenty, and the bi-colors are really neat.


06-8-2016 18:27:14  #6

Re: Michael's Typewriters

Well, at least it looks decent... And can't be as bad as the new Royals.

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06-8-2016 18:27:17  #7

Re: Michael's Typewriters

I don't know if this will work, but I will try to link to the Facebook post that discusses this typewriter:


06-8-2016 21:05:31  #8

Re: Michael's Typewriters

Yes, handsome machine -- looks like an SM3/4, or a Torpedo. But the typing sample makes it a nonstarter (and the mechanical problems the reviewer mentions are the clincher). For $200, I could buy several SM3s or -4s.


10-8-2016 06:43:38  #9

Re: Michael's Typewriters

Uwe wrote:

I think it would be better if all those potential buyers were buying and thereby preserving all the multiple millions of used machines that still exist.

Totally agree!


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31-8-2016 01:00:18  #10

Re: Michael's Typewriters

Greetings All

​I was in my nearest Michaels store (60 miles away) this afternoon and looked at these units. Price here is also $199.95 CAD which converts to $152.65 USD, so they're a little cheaper up here. I also saw one for sale on eBay with a Buy-it-now of $399.99 USD (free shipping within the US).

However, I did buy a black/brown ribbon just for the fun of it, as is said, not a whole lot of ribbon on the spool for $12.99 CAD + 5% GST. Put the ribbon in my Olympia SF De Luxe with cursive font, actually looks pretty cool on ivory paper. All the best,



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