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09-8-2016 15:55:14  #1

Just for fun!



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09-8-2016 21:43:38  #2

Re: Just for fun!

Ah, "The Typewriter Song."  Jerry Lewis had a similar act.  What fun.  Always liked this one.

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10-8-2016 13:02:24  #3

Re: Just for fun!

Examples of Leroy Anderson's "The Typewriter" and the Jerry Lewis skit are mentioned in this thread: Typewriter Music


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14-1-2017 00:58:10  #4

Re: Just for fun!

Funny thought:  I wonder if there is a karaoke version where I could do my own typing and ring my own bell to make it more realistic.

Underwood--Speeds the World's Bidness

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