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25-8-2016 14:10:14  #1

Smith-Corona XD4950 Word Processing Typewriter

Greetings All

The other day I received a hand written letter from my 87 year old father-in-law Albert, telling me that his old Brother print-wheel typewriter had given up the ghost and would I be able to help. A couple of years ago, I picked up a Canadian made Smith-Corona XD4950 print-wheel unit at a garage sale for $20.00 which I intend to gift to Albert. From what I can tell, the unit works perfectly except for maybe the right margin. The margin is easy to set and the unit beeps when the wheel carrier is 5 spaces from the right margin. If one holds the space bar down, the wheel carrier will move to the right and stop at the margin. However, if one is typing, you can type off the edge of the page. 

Does anyone here know if this is normal, or does this machine have a glitch.

Thanks and all the best, Sky

 Machine information:

Smith-Corona XD4950

Type: SEAQ

S/N : 2007837


01-9-2016 01:10:18  #2

Re: Smith-Corona XD4950 Word Processing Typewriter

Sounds a little weird to me, and it's possible that there may be some feature on the typewriter that you can either choose to have it stop at the right margin, or have it just beep.  I'm only guessing.  I've seen features like this on other electronic jobs, though.

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02-9-2016 01:30:14  #3

Re: Smith-Corona XD4950 Word Processing Typewriter


  That's worth a thought, probably should have gone through the manual with a fine toothed comb before I sent the unit off to my father-in-law. Thanks for the response though. All the best,


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