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28-8-2016 19:53:12  #1

Smith-Corona Silent-Super

I had wanted one of these for a long time and snapped it up when it was offered to me. Scott Schab speaks of them glowingly in Typewriters for Writers, and rightfully so: it's an amazing machine with a great feel. If I found another, I would buy that, too. I especially relish the Elite typeface. 

Although it doesn't seem to have been used much, it was sold to me with a flaw: the carriage would lock upon return. The shop fixed this, and it worked for awhile, but then another problem cropped up: now the left margin doesn't engage, which means I have to put the paper guide as far left as possible, thus covering the paper gauge on the roller. I'll take it back, though this doesn't bother me too much. I like this machine so much I don't like to be without it for long.

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28-8-2016 23:27:50  #2

Re: Smith-Corona Silent-Super

Hi typeset
  The first thing I would check on this machine is the margin release (M-R) key and its related linkages to make sure it's not binding in any way. The margin stop itself is hard to see due to the tabulator rack, but the rest of the linkage can be viewed from the underside of the machine.
  If you can't find the problem there, set the paper rest back to zero, then set the carriage to 12 spaces in from the left side of the page and set a tab. Now when you return the carriage, it will still go past the left margin, but pressing the tab key once will put you at the beginning of the line where the left margin should be. Hope this helps,


30-8-2016 08:38:51  #3

Re: Smith-Corona Silent-Super

With regards to this particular model I have printed off a picture, the name, and roughly how much the selling price is so that my family and friends can keep an eye out for it for me. That is how badly I want it, and for good reason, too! What a lovely typewriter you possess. Very sleek and elegant, and the typeface looks gorgeous as well.

I'll leave it to the experts to help you out with your problem, however. I'm too much of a novice to really know much more than the basics. Really at the moment all I can do is admire, change ribbons, and fix easy problems.

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