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06-10-2016 06:25:09  #1

Typewriter Calendar

My lovely wife, Brenda Noiseux, just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 2017 calendar she made with pictures of some of the typewriters in our collection. What this means for you is a great potential Christmas gift. What it means for me is that I've finally turned my wife into a typewriter geek!


06-10-2016 16:46:01  #2

Re: Typewriter Calendar

Hah -- I was looking at the sample pictures and thought to myself when I saw the Underwood picture, "that could be Manchester, NH!" Am I right? I see from your profile that you are in NH.

Excellent taste in typewriters, I might add.


07-10-2016 06:03:37  #3

Re: Typewriter Calendar

You win a Coke! Manchester it is. I've lived here for about twelve years after moving to New Hampshire to run an alt-weekly newspaper. The city has grown on me. 

Thanks for your thoughts on the typewriters. I don't have anything too fancy. I think the oldest is a Royal 10, although a friend passed on a beat-to-hell Underwood that I haven't dated yet. I think that might be older, but I may never get it into good enough shape to join the active collection. I keep most of them at school so my students can use them, but I write first drafts on a couple of the Olympias. 

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29-10-2016 12:13:10  #4

Re: Typewriter Calendar

The Kickstarter, by the way, is $80 away from being funded, with four days to go. It's pretty exciting. She's had orders from all across the country.

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29-10-2016 22:43:54  #5

Re: Typewriter Calendar

Great news indeed.


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