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16-12-2016 16:29:26  #1

Problems with an Olivetti Praxis 48

It powers on but the keys won't strike the keyboard. I have tried resetting with the backspace button and some keys seem to move automatically but they seem locked. Any suggestions? 

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16-12-2016 16:43:54  #2

Re: Problems with an Olivetti Praxis 48

Follow this link and read her blow-by-blow discussion of her work on her Praxis (scroll down). Maybe there are some nuggets there. I'm sure she'd welcome a direct question too.


16-12-2016 20:11:03  #3

Re: Problems with an Olivetti Praxis 48

As with a lot of other Olivetti products, I have not had much luck with these strange ducks.  Their innards are a total nightmare for me to figure out.  If you jam two keys at the same time, the machine locks up, and you have to push the backspace to get going again.  That is what these machines are DESIGNED to do--no other electric typewriter does this.  Apparently, this is to prevent two type bars from jamming into one another, but it is a frustrating trait to deal with while you're trying to type.  Perhaps someone better versed than I in the way these typewriters work would have better luck.  I've repaired one a long time ago with carriage return issues (as was outlined in the above link), but I have never had to dig into the inside to take care of other issues.  I don't see that many Olivetti electrics down here in Central Texas.

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