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24-1-2017 15:27:07  #1

Looking for a Silver-Reed Owner's Manual

hi can anybody tell me where to get a manual for a silver reed model :6200  typewriter  please


24-1-2017 15:57:06  #2

Re: Looking for a Silver-Reed Owner's Manual

I've never heard of the 6200. I assume that it's an electronic typewriter? Could you perhaps post a photo of it? It would be interesting to see if it is at all similar to the EX models.

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25-1-2017 00:35:36  #3

Re: Looking for a Silver-Reed Owner's Manual

I think it is very likely that the machine is a Silver Reed 2600 or 2600CR, a portable mechanical electric machine from the mid 1980's.  Sorry I can't help with an instruction book, but at least having the correct number might help with an internet search.


28-1-2017 00:04:08  #4

Re: Looking for a Silver-Reed Owner's Manual

You can also look for other sub names in Silver Reed's portable electrics.  Just look on the internet, pull up images, and find the ones that look most like your machine, and see f they have a manual available.  There might be a difference or two, but the main idea of the machine should be the same.  I've seen 2600s look like 8700s which look like 1000s. Again, they may not be identical 100% partswise, but you can get one of them to get you through most repairs until you find the proper one for your typewriter.

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