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12-3-2013 15:54:14  #1

Toronto Area Collectors

Calling on all Toronto (GTA) typewriter collectors!

Who are you?
What do you collect?
Is there any interest in participating in a Get Together to discuss your bizarre hobby? 



06-11-2016 20:04:19  #2

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

Is this the first entry of the first thread of this forum?  I guess it's here you could reflect on the almost three years that have passed, and the number of typewriter collectors who visit this site--internationally.  It must be humbling to realize how many people from their many different walks of life have this same hobby, and go about it in their separate and different ways, yet they share their experiences and methods with one another right here on this forum.  Yes, many different kinds of people meet here online--including this h'yar motormouth from that thar down South.  I'm hoping I can speak for others on this forum when I say Thank you for having started this Forum, and afforded all of us the opportunity to get together and discuss our common hobby.

Underwood--Speeds the World's Bidness

06-11-2016 23:37:12  #3

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

Yes, thanks Uwe.
Don't know that I'd describe my use of typewriters as a 'hobby' - in fact I wouldn't, but thanks all the same - great to be here.


06-11-2016 23:44:05  #4

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

And thank you, gentlemen.

This thread will soon be bumping into its fourth birthday and not one Toronto area collector has chimed in so far, which is strange given there at least two of them who are members of this forum! Toronto has become a very competitive market in recent years for collectors as more and more people are buying typewriters, and the prices keep going up on machines because some people spend to much money on them! The odd bargain is still to be had, but it's not like it was just a few years ago. Maybe it's just as well; I've hit my limit and gone well past it and prohibitive pricing might be the thing that actually stops me from buying.

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07-11-2016 17:23:55  #5

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

Well, allow me to be the first other Toronto area person to chime in!  And it IS great to have a place to commune with people who share at least one similar interest.  I think forums like this one represent the Internet at its best - there are certainly a myriad of other places online that are infinitely less pleasant.

I agree that prices are sort of nuts much of the time, with people equating that old=valuable, which is often simply not the case.  I'm more than content with what I have, so not being able to add a new machine every other day doesn't bother me so much.  Probably healthier for the wallet, as well.

As for a Toronto area get together, I would be supportive of the idea if something ever gets planned.


07-11-2016 18:14:07  #6

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

Which part of the city do you live in?

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08-11-2016 16:47:27  #7

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

I'm actually north of the city a little ways, but it's easily within driving distance, maybe 40 minutes or so.  It's not hard  for me to get down there, regardless. Have car, will travel


08-11-2016 19:17:20  #8

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

You should check out the antique mall in Barrie then. Most machines tend to be absurdly priced, but you never know, the odd bargain for something interesting can come from such places.

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08-11-2016 19:28:34  #9

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

You mean the one attached to the 400 market?  That's where my SF from the other day came from...

But yes, most of the machines there are overpriced - it's rare to see decent deals, but it's always fun to look.  Sometimes I do manage to come away with non-typewriter related items though.  Mostly records and CDs... or pens.


08-11-2016 21:39:56  #10

Re: Toronto Area Collectors

I think the 400 Market is in Innisfil, and I've never thought to look for typewriters there. I'm talking about the Barrie Antique Centre, which is actually in Barrie and also east of the 400.

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