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03-3-2017 12:51:20  #1

Museu de la Tecnica, Figueres, Spain

I was looking at Tom Furrier's blog and he had this link posted. Tons of pictures. This place is AMAZING -- definitely worth a detour if not a whole day!

Anyone been there?


03-3-2017 15:38:41  #2

Re: Museu de la Tecnica, Figueres, Spain

I've visited the museum's interactive website a few times in the past, but don't know anything about Tom Furrier. 

Stay Safe! 

03-3-2017 16:43:24  #3

Re: Museu de la Tecnica, Figueres, Spain

Proprietor of Cambridge Typewriter in Arlington, Massachusetts. He has a blog, which is where I got the link. Hosts Type-Ins at his shop and elsewhere, which have been referred to here on the forum. He also got a specific acknowledgment from David McCullough in his "The Wright Brothers" for keeping his KMM working.

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