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13-11-2013 09:51:51  #1

Type In Pt. II

Toronto, Canada

Hello Ladies and Gents, Writers, design and Analog Enthusiasts – have we got an event for you!

Join us on Tuesday November 19th @ 7 p.m. at the Beer Academy for an evening of type-filled-fun.  Typewriters will be set up on display as well as for general use, and of course we welcome you to bring your own.  All attendees will have their names entered into a draw for both typewriter and beer related goodies for this fall Type-In event!

Additionally, we are honoured to have well established collector and enthusiast Martin Howard joining us with a sampling of his private collection of 19th century standards.  Old Fort Typewriter Co. will is also please be providing 20th century machines for general use and display – let the typing begin! 

The neighborhood and venue lends itself well to the general atmosphere of the evening as it is in the midst of the former sites of Underwood Typewriter Company’s Canadian headquarters (135 Victoria Street), service center (356 Victoria Street), factory (115 Victoria Street), warehouse and the like. The location of the  Beer Academy is also of interest and historical note.  The building it is attached too was the Sheldon hotel, a spot alleged to be frequented by many an aspiring writer and Underwood Typewriter Company Personnel from the early 1900s through to the late 60s .

Bring rough notes, poems, friends and an appetite for great Ontario craft beer to 75 Victoria Street.



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