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03-4-2017 21:26:21  #1

IBM Elements

I'm a Newby as far as IBM machines are concerned. I've just purchased a Selectric II and while waiting for it to arrive, I am looking into the vast selection of font styles available. I have learned that the elements that fit the types one and two machines are different than elements for the type three machines. Is there a visual difference that will allow one to tell them apart?


04-4-2017 17:30:01  #2

Re: IBM Elements

Yes. The golf balls for Selectric I and II models are 88 character, and sometimes the ball's label will show '72'. Also, the lettering on those is typically white. The golf balls for Selectric III machines are 96 character and normally have yellow lettering with a '96' on them. Depending on where you live, I would resist the temptation to buy any expensive golf balls before you have your Selectric and have had a chance to verify that it's working properly. I've found that golf balls (elements) tend to fall into your lap once you have a Selectric and I've never had to buy any. Of course if there's a specific typeface that you're after, in particular if it's one that wasn't as common, paying for it might be your only option.

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