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21-5-2014 09:18:47  #11

Re: Hermes 2000

Uwe wrote:

There are many differences between using a word processor on a computer and typewriter for writing, each has its pros and cons, but I applaud your sentiment of wanting to use a typewriter to improve on your writing skills and grammar. Personal communication skills have dramatically eroded over the past decade, and it's now at the point where many people's online writing skills make them appear to be borderline illiterate.

I use a typewriter for all of my initial drafts and edits, but still use a word processor for the final copy, and only because you need to have a digital version of whatever you write if it is to be disseminated in any way.

 The funny thing is that all my life I had only "ok" writing skills - I am not a strong speller, make grammar mistakes, and I have suffered though Dysgraphia throughout my life.   However I have always strived to improve my written skills, and while I am not much stronger then I was in college in my writing, I know I have not degraded in skills.   In the last few years I have been commended for my writing skills, not for anything that I am doing great, it just that the younger generation skills are so poor.   

I still plan to edit on a computer, but what I find when I write on the computer is that I break my train of thought to edit what I have just written instead of getting the idea to paper.   I am planning of trying to get the first and 2nd drafts on the typewriter before OCRing it and completing final edits on the computer. 

Appologies for any spelling errors or grammer mistakes I have in my writing, I use typewriters to break my lazy habits and to send my dysgraphia off a cliff.

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Re: Hermes 2000

That's my process, draft, edit, and rewrite on the typewriter, then OCR to the PC for final touch-up. And as you mentioned, a typewriter forces me to use a different thought process; I used to edit on the fly and even do wholesale restructuring of a piece while still in its initial draft, which is one way to do it, but with the typer I'm working ahead in my mind and have to be more disciplined with my overview. I prefer it, which was a major contributing factor for becoming a collector.

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