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14-7-2017 18:45:23  #1

PBM Play by mail: Diplomacy!!!!

Before the smartphone. Before the internet.  Before email.  There was Play By Mail.

Wargamers used to play by mail, using letters and newsletters to describe their moves.  The boardgame Diplomacy was an early adopter of this method.

The boardgame, the favorite of people like John F Kennedy, Walter Cronkite, Kissinger, and others uses no dice, no cards. The only random element is what country you start as.

You play as one of seven countries. Your goal is to take over western Europe using only strategy, negotiation, diplomacy, and backstabbing.  You communicate via letters. Role-playing is encouraged.

I think this game would be perfect for us typewriter enthusiasts. The only thing, if you join a game, you're kind of obligated to still send in moves on a regular basis.  If enough people are interested, I will look into finding a site to post the game map and current moves/resolutions.


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