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04-1-2014 17:11:49  #1

clear typewriter display cases?

I have a nice Oliver No. 9 and would like to get a clear acrylic case.. so I can display the typewriter without having to worry about it collecting dust.

anyone make such a thing.. that won't cost me an arm and a leg.

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05-1-2014 01:12:18  #2

Re: clear typewriter display cases?

I've never across something like that specificially for typewriters, but that doesn't surprise me given the large variety in their sizes and the relatively small number of people who collect them. However, I'm sure that other similar plexiglass cubes could be used.

For example, here's a private company that sells them. And they're available on eBay too.

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26-1-2014 20:31:12  #3

Re: clear typewriter display cases?

I've also been trying to figure out how to do this on the cheap. 

I think I had a last-resort epiphany last night, if I can't figure out how to use acrylic and need to end up using glass. 

Thrift stores always have huge ugly framed pictures for pretty cheap (less than $1 if you go on sale days). I figure that I can just buy five huge super ugly picture frames and then take out the glass fronts in the frames and use them to make a display case. 

I think this would work better for someone who isn't planning on taking off the cover very often, since the glass will probably be heavy and more prone to accidents? I'm still on the hunt for a cheap acrylic supply, since I'll probably want to be taking off the cover every other day or so...


27-1-2014 05:56:44  #4

Re: clear typewriter display cases?

I say make something of acrylic plastic sheets, or maybe plexiglass. A simple, rectangular display-cover. I don't think that would be too hard. 

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27-1-2014 17:30:47  #5

Re: clear typewriter display cases?

Did you realise that you can glue acrylic to acrylic with superglue ?  Food for thought !


08-2-2016 11:07:35  #6

Re: clear typewriter display cases?

Polycarbonate purpose-made display covers in a range of sizes (the largest will take my 1890s understrike Remington and the smallest modern portables or  Blicks). They are sold by a UK company called V2 Display Solutions. I have bought three. They're not cheap, but they are nice - and being shatterproof polycarbonate they are tough enough for public display areas. Write to for more details.


16-2-2016 10:18:21  #7

Re: clear typewriter display cases?

TAP Acrylic cement is highly recommended for welding acrylic together at corners.  Check that out.  If you have a way to cut the acrylic with nice edges, it should be fairly easy to make a box.


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