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31-10-2017 12:43:38  #1

CR-100 ribbon for Canon Starwriter 30

I have a Canon Starwriter 30 that has ran out of ribbon. I searched a while to see if I can find anything on ebay, and anything I find has a ridiculous price tag. Do you think it's possible to find these ribbons (or similar ones) anymore? or should I just give up and stop using the device?


31-10-2017 17:02:12  #2

Re: CR-100 ribbon for Canon Starwriter 30

I'd suggest providing your location for a start. This is an international forum and it's difficult to make local suggestions without having a rough idea of where you live.

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31-10-2017 17:04:04  #3

Re: CR-100 ribbon for Canon Starwriter 30

Sorry about that. I live in Antwerp, Belgium.

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01-11-2017 11:26:05  #4

Re: CR-100 ribbon for Canon Starwriter 30

Have you tried other online sources? Searching using the cartridge manufacturer's part number instead of the typewriter model might turn up more results. I'm not sure what alternatives you have in Belgium, but most companies offer international shipping, and some places provide discounts when ordering in quantity:

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