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25-10-2014 17:58:15  #31

Re: Olympia SG1

I'm sure there are multiple uses for the carriage release by-passing the right margin, but personally I like just being able to move the carriage without having to use the margin release key. I should check the SG1 manual and see if there's something specific written about it. To double check your margin position you can always let go of the carriage release when you hear the margin bell and use the space a few times.


25-10-2014 18:07:16  #32

Re: Olympia SG1

Yeah. I actually had looked through the manual but didn't notice anything. I'll look again. The only other thing that I can't figure out, are two little chrome pieces that slide that are under the cover, sort of near the ribbon vibrator. They each have two positions, I and II. 


25-10-2014 18:15:23  #33

Re: Olympia SG1

There are actually three positions to those swtiches. I and II adjust the distance of the plastic line indicators from the platen. In the third position it pops the indicator forward, well off the platen, so you can clean the backside of it. 

It is extremely common for the brackets that move these plastic guides to have detached themselves, so if yours aren't doing what I described you'll need to remove the carriage and pop them back into place.

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25-10-2014 18:43:24  #34

Re: Olympia SG1

Uwe wrote:

Yes, that's normal, and something I think is a pretty handy feature.

AARGHH - I thought that was another thing to get round to fixing on my SG1!  Crosses it off list.
I too would like to know why - what's the advantage?

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04-11-2014 00:04:12  #35

Re: Olympia SG1

Any recommendations on a cover for the SG1? Some of the ones that I have seen online don't seem to have the best dimensions. I had an original Olympia one...but someone in the house here mistook it for a plastic bag and got rid of it  


04-11-2014 16:48:32  #36

Re: Olympia SG1

Uwe wrote:

lno resemblance between the smaller and bigger Royal machines - well, not until you get to the FP and the Futura 800.

The QDL/Arrow/Aristocrat line up in the 40's resembled the KMM very strongly

....aaaaaand I just realized that I quoted a very old post......

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04-11-2014 19:10:31  #37

Re: Olympia SG1

Ektagraphic wrote:

Any recommendations on a cover for the SG1?  

No, but it's a very good question. At some point I'm going to begin using them as they do collect dust, and the one thing I hate more than spending hours cleaning a typewriter is having to clean one that I've already spent hours cleaning. I would think that most covers meant for a standard machine would work, providing you don't have a wide carriage on your SG1. I have a few new covers (don't know which models they were meant for) that are still in their original packages that I keep meaning to try, and one SG1 with an original Olympia cover on it. Would the dimensions from that help you?

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04-11-2014 20:13:03  #38

Re: Olympia SG1

Yeah. I am looking around, I suppose that I could make one, but I just assume buy one. Thanks for your offer on the dimensions, but I think that I am all set since I have measured my SG1. There are some covers out there on a couple of websites, not sure they would work though. 


04-11-2014 20:23:20  #39

Re: Olympia SG1

This website has them, and others seem to have generic plastic ones, but all would be too small for the SG1.


27-1-2015 21:44:08  #40

Re: Olympia SG1

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon: give us the goods on how these stack up compared to mid-century Triumphs!

Haha. I love those Triumphs - I have Standard 12/14s and one devastatingly fast Matura. Luck of the draw, I've not yet crossed paths with an SG-1, and I'd love to hear from somebody who has.



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