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31-1-2018 08:46:35  #1

Underwood 1923

Hello guys!

A friend of mine has this Underwood typewriter from 1923 with serial number 4924. Since he's planning to sell it he was wondering about it's value and possible interest.
Sorry, these are all the photos I have.

Thanks in advance,



31-1-2018 09:17:07  #2

Re: Underwood 1923

Just a quick question, as I'm sure it will come up: Is it fully functional? That will go a long way toward helping determine value.

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31-1-2018 11:14:45  #3

Re: Underwood 1923

Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that. Typewriter is in mechanically perfect condition, everything works as it should. It just doesn't have that ink ribbon (or whatever it's called, I have absolute zero knowledge about this topic) so it doesn't write. However everything moves perfectly.

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31-1-2018 11:57:22  #4

Re: Underwood 1923

Hello Aljaž, the value of the typewriter is depending the buyer :-) you can sell that very typewriter for 30 euros or 150. The thing is that this were models that were produced by millions, but having a czech(?) keyboard makes it definitely more rare and desirable. If you want to sell it in a fleamarket in Pilzn you wont get much, if you put it on ebay and stress the fact that is in good condition and it has a rare layout... maybe a neurosurgeon in Sidney that collects Underwoods with European layouts can pay 200 dollars. I would just go around and ask in antique shops if they have any typewriter and how much they sell it for to make a rough idea, but always knowing that antique shops are usually putting quite high prices. Goodluck with that.


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