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05-2-2018 10:54:08  #1

Smith Corona XD 4600

I wasn't sure whether to put this in the repair category, but as it is also about my impression of this typewriter I put it here.
I recently bought a Smith Corona XD 4600 and am absolutely amazed.
My knowledge and exposure to typewriters is fairly small, so that might contribute to my excitement. It is not as well built as the typewriters I know (two portable mechanical ones, and the last electric one my father used to use), but I really like the memory function - the reason why I bought it. 

I want to use this function to print the same text again and again on different index cards (different categories, etc) and then use these index cards to complete notes (this is to collect information about various mechanical pencils for my stationery blog ).

I first had some minor problems with the typewriter and figured out they were caused by the transport company not being very careful with it. This is all fixed now, but I noticed the cover is a bit loose. It is cracked where the back left screw is. I am considering glueing the cover, but am not sure what kind of plastic the cover would be made from. 
My guess is it might be ABS. Can anyone advise? As I assume there will be a small surface for the glue and potentially a lot of force if the typewriter is lifted wrong or bumped I want to make sure I use the best glue for this kind of plastic. 


30-9-2018 19:24:07  #2

Re: Smith Corona XD 4600

(Sorry for bringing up an old post.)

My mom's typewriter. got her through college and still has it. The memory has gone, I guess you'd need to change the battery and dropped it on the power switch and it comes and goes. 

Just use a good epoxy ie JB Weld,  to make sure the plastic stays together as it hardens. 

Not a bad typewriter, I just got a SL-105 just to have fun with, as it's a more basic model without the line display or memory.


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