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26-6-2013 15:18:19  #11

Re: Everest Mod 90

Stevetype33 wrote:


I LOVE that color.   My blog:  
            Photo gallery:

27-6-2013 14:45:26  #12

Re: Everest Mod 90

It is nice, isn't it. Both mine are black, but the green is spectacular.

(BTW. Shengas, these are late 1940s early 50s)

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27-6-2013 21:38:53  #13

Re: Everest Mod 90

Ah-hah. Thanks. I read somewhere that these were from the 60s, a fact which I highly doubted. 40s sounds much more likely. 

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19-1-2020 13:08:40  #14

Re: Everest Mod 90

I am new to the forum, and have just picked up a 1951 (confirmed by serial number) black Everest Mod 90.  It is in very good condition with the exception of the sift key function.  It was badly "gunked up" (sorry for the technical terms) but with the judicious use of SD40 and a can of pressure air, it freed itself up nicely.  The problem is something is probably out of adjustment in the bowels because when the caps lock keys are in normal mode it types in what can only be described as superscript (high level) and when the caps lock keys are depressed it types on a normal plane in caps.  I have scoured the inter-web ;-) and can't find any reference to a repair manual for this machine.  Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.
Stan on Vancouver Island, BC Canada


19-1-2020 14:37:19  #15

Re: Everest Mod 90

You probably won't find a Repair or Service Manual and you'll be lucky to find a User Manual, so it's up to us to help you. (A User Manual will not address this kind of problem.)

First, a clear test is in order: type HhHhHhHh or mMmMmMmM for a while using the Shift key and separately using the Shift Lock. That will give us a clear starting point. The reason for those letters in particular is that they have a clear foot and the characters fill up most of the space around them so that we are less distracted by the shapes of the letters. Trying to compare the resting line of Qq is impossible.
Once we have that. we can diagnose the problem.

This situation can be adjusted by several screws inside and I leave it to someone who has an Everest to tell you where they are and how to deal with them. They probably have a locknut so be ready for that.


19-1-2020 15:02:04  #16

Re: Everest Mod 90

Thanks for the reply.  We expect the arrival of a new ribbon in a couple of days so I'll wait until then to give your suggestion a try.  The old ribbon is pretty faint.  Unless there is a way to temporarily refresh an old ribbon?


19-1-2020 21:45:50  #17

Re: Everest Mod 90

Even a faint impression can show whether the feet, the bottoms of the letters, line up. Could satisfy your curiosity  quickly ....


19-1-2020 21:56:26  #18

Re: Everest Mod 90

They most certainly aren't lined up.



19-1-2020 21:58:47  #19

Re: Everest Mod 90

Sorry for the double image, can't find a way to edit my messages.


22-1-2020 21:23:52  #20

Re: Everest Mod 90

Could one of the moderators of this forum please advise me on whether to continue this thread on the "Maintenance and Repairs" section?  If so can you please move the previous posts over to that section.


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