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16-4-2014 06:39:04  #11

Re: Smith Corona Corsair - A few missing parts?

Hello all,

Been very busy over the last several weeks but I've finally had a chance to take some photos and update on the whole repair.  Thanks to Tom Lucas (aka "The Typewriter Man") I Managaed to source all the components i needed inlcuding a new platen, carridge cover, the white lever covers, semi-colon key as the one on mine was off a different machine.  The whole machine now works as intended - advancing  only one or two lines at a time, it's a lot better than what it was.  Anyways i'll leave you with some photos as it may help someone in the future who might have similiar issues.  Also thanks again to Uwe for all your help and input along this journey!

Anyways may be back here in the future when i get my Olympia SM3!

All the best,



16-4-2014 11:32:58  #12

Re: Smith Corona Corsair - A few missing parts?

Great job Jayson!  I have to admire your perseverence and I hope your girlfriend enjoys her repaired Corsair. I've been seeing that particular model everywhere over the past few weeks which means parts are readily available if you really need them. I'm glad Tom (typewriterman) could help you out; without question he's a great contributor to this forum. 

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10-8-2014 08:34:46  #13

Re: Smith Corona Corsair - A few missing parts?

Thank you for the great pictures!  They're of great help to me in figuring out how to disassemble and do some clean-up on my Smith Corona Corsair  (S/N 6Y480604, tan color) Carriage-Platen assembly.  My Corsair however has one slight production variation (unfortunately I don't have a camera).  Whereas your photos show the Carriage Return Lever attached by a pin and retained by e-clip, my unit has a threaded cheese-head screw through the handle and metal spaced then onto to pivot assembly.
Thanks again,


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