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13-5-2018 20:25:14  #1

Wide Ribbon on Remington

I have been working on a Remington 6 and the ribbon was broken on one end and repaired. Numerous times the end of the ribbon was attached to the spool with tacks. Not wanting to do that again I stuck the ribbon under that weight and then cranked it around till it didn't slip. How would the ribbon originally have been attached?


15-5-2018 03:08:07  #2

Re: Wide Ribbon on Remington

I'm not totally sure, but can hazard an educated guess.  I think that the spool would originally have had a short fabric strap attached permanently.  On the end of the strap would be a serrated metal fitting, a bit like a tiny belt buckle.  Each new ribbon would have been attached to that. 


16-5-2018 05:48:34  #3

Re: Wide Ribbon on Remington

That makes a lot of sense, Thank you.

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19-5-2018 22:52:21  #4

Re: Wide Ribbon on Remington

The spools on my Remington 6 had a small flap of ribbon permanently attached to either spool. The rest of the ribbon is held in place by a little pin skewering both the ribbon and the small flap. Of course I didn't realize this until I'd pulled the old ribbon and pin out and tore the flap off the spool. Be careful if you service the ribbon on yours - the pins on mine were so badly rusted that I couldn't see either at first, and one disintegrated in my fingers upon removal.


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