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14-5-2018 18:05:46  #1

Good New Tape Deck?

I was just wondering if anyone had heard of a decent quality, modern tape deck. I'd heard of many crappy, cheap decks being sold, but nothing of quality.
Most seem to use the same crappy plastic tape mech, a cheap thing that has terrible wow and flutter, and isn't even quartz locked.
I know they cant include Dolby, its copyrighted, but it would be nice.

If you guys have found one, please let me know!


15-5-2018 16:31:34  #2

Re: Good New Tape Deck?

Are we talking cassette or reel-to-reel?

Wouldn't a good quality vintage player be a better investment than anything new?

​The only analogue media that I still spend money on is vinyl, and although there are many 'junk' turntables being manufactured now, there are still high-end manufacturers around. I can't see myself ever going back to cassettes, especially since the place I used them most often was the car.

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