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16-5-2018 18:13:06  #1

Royal Quiet De Luxe Backspace Problem

I recently acquired a 1956 Royal Quiet De Luxe with a backspace problem.  The backspace happens but does not maintain the new position after releasing the backspace key.  What should I be looking for?  I have the back panel off trying to determine if the linkage was off, but I don't see anything obvious.    I did notice that if I lift the left corner of the carriage it will work okay.  Has the position of the carriage or carriage rails shifted and is perhaps causing the problem?


17-5-2018 00:08:44  #2

Re: Royal Quiet De Luxe Backspace Problem

Found an online discussion related to my backspace problem which leads me to believe that this is not an uncommon problem with Royal QDL’s.  Does anyone know of a fix?  Or is it time for me to find a repair shop?

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18-5-2018 00:13:28  #3

Re: Royal Quiet De Luxe Backspace Problem

If you smack it down really hard, does it stick?  If so, it may just be a matter of readjusting.

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10-10-2019 14:38:37  #4

Re: Royal Quiet De Luxe Backspace Problem

Fixed! I found a blog that addressed the problem.

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