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22-6-2018 01:07:35  #1

World Typewriter Day

Greetings All Typewriter Collectors and Users.

This Saturday, June 23rd is World Typewriter Day. It was on June 23, 1868 that Christopher Latham Sholes was granted the US patent for his design of typewriter ( which I believe later became the Remington Nº1). Take your favourite typewriter to the coffee shop with you or just go and type at a picnic table in the park. Let the world know we're not going away any time soon. Happy typing and all the best,



10-7-2018 12:12:24  #2

Re: World Typewriter Day

I did type something on my oldest typewriter on that day.  I just never posted it anywhere.  Used my 1897 Remington No. 6.

Smith Premier 4 typewriters are cool!

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