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31-7-2018 08:16:56  #1

Hermes 3000 misaligned type

Hi all,
  I'm a proud new owner of 1961 Hermes 3000 techno ( I think that's what the font is called). Types beautifully and it lives up to the hype. I'm noticing it has an occasional misaligned type, almost like it drifts up part way through a word. It doesn't happen consistently, just every once in a while. For example, I just typed a grocery list with 15 items on it and 3 of the list items seem to have this "drift". Is this just "user error" or is there an alignment issue I need to correct. I haven't cleaned the machine and it looks like it can use a cleaning. Any info would be appreciated! Jeff[img][/img]


31-7-2018 22:22:57  #2

Re: Hermes 3000 misaligned type

Hi Jeff

The first two things I'd check are the line space selector setting and the left platen knob. Make sure the selector is set at 1, 1½ or 2 and the left platen knob is pushed in all the way so the platen indexing mechanism isn't in neutral. Hope this points you in the right direction,


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08-8-2018 11:58:15  #3

Re: Hermes 3000 misaligned type

I've isolated it to "slippage" of the platen. So as I'm typing I can see the platen move a little bit which cause the misalignment of the type. What could I do to fix this? Thanks as always! Jeff

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