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26-2-2014 15:57:46  #1

Another platen-removal question ...

... Anyone ever done it to an Olympiette?


26-2-2014 17:41:44  #2

Re: Another platen-removal question ...

I hear that model name and think of a late model, made in Japan, Olympia. However, the model name appeared on a number of different Olympia models; which one are you asking about?


26-2-2014 21:06:06  #3

Re: Another platen-removal question ...

That's the one. White, fat, flat ... and actually a decent typer. I picked this one up for $6 at the thrift store, and it's in decent shape but needs a good degunking. Following the other platen-removal guide I found here, I took that right-hand knob off (two wee screws) and spent about an hour looking for anything that looked like it might complete the job. Any thoughts?

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27-2-2014 17:51:32  #4

Re: Another platen-removal question ...

Interesting machine - well worth the asking price, that's for sure! - I'll have to keep an eye open for one in my area. 

The left side knob came off with two screws? Funny, I would have assumed that the screws would have secured the right side platen knob. Photos of the area would help - both ends - but what was attachted to the knob?  


28-2-2014 21:06:12  #5

Re: Another platen-removal question ...

Uwe, usually when I say left, I mean right and vice versa. Blame it on growing up in the woods. I likely would have been better off saying "gee" or "haw."

I took the RIGHT knob off, which was held on by two tiny set screws. After that, I was stymied. Lacking inspiration, I also took the plastic cover off the right end of the carriage ... and remained stymied. There was nothing attached to the right knob. It came off nicely, revealing the post you see in picture number two. 

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