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31-8-2018 21:07:38  #1

LC Smith Super Speed Silent No. 8, 1938 model, escapement wrt dogs

Greetings all!  My first post.  I have the subject "barn find" which is missing the "rigid dog" (see attached page image from Typewriter Repair Bible).  I'm assuming I can make a serviceable replacement with a hand file if I'm slow and careful.  Fortunately I found the two-part "loose-dog" in bottom of the machine but missing the little spring.
1. Do any of you readers happen to have the same or similar machine as a parts machine that you could sell the rigid dog?  Like I said I think I may be able to make something if I have to, but would rather have an original working part.
2 The drawing in the page below isn't too clear, but is that a tiny torsion spring on the loose dog?  If anyone has this model I would appreciate a close-up photo of the arrangement.  I can find tiny springs on-line, but just need to know exactly what I'm looking for.  I guess the torsion spring keeps the loose dog part up.  And I'll guess on the little spring backing the rigid dog.  The on-line spring stores want a minimum order, so I usually order some +/- sizes of what I think I need plus other little springs that appear to be on the machine.

Any other advice would be appreciated.

thanks much!

This is my third project having contracted the typewriter fever.  My Fox no. 24 and RR Streamline No. 5 turned out very well, so here I go again.


22-11-2018 22:34:14  #2

Re: LC Smith Super Speed Silent No. 8, 1938 model, escapement wrt dogs

Filed my own replacement part after some trial and error.
Seems to work well.


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23-11-2018 04:26:36  #3

Re: LC Smith Super Speed Silent No. 8, 1938 model, escapement wrt dogs

Ten out of ten for sheer persistence !  I take my hat off to you sir !  The original dog would no doubt have been made from hardened steel, so yours may wear out quickly.  However, I do not suppose that you will be using your machine for eight hours a day in an office either !  I guess that you could case-harden your home-made dog if you really needed to. 


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