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10-5-2019 18:26:27  #11

Re: Hermes 3000 vs Olympia SM9

sys700 wrote:

I own multiples of both. Hands down the Hermès 3000 is the better machine, easy to service, best typing experience. 

Easy to service?!? The original 3000 is a pain to repair. Just look at the ridiculous margin indication system with its ribbon, springs, and pulleys for proof of that. I'd argue that the SM is a more rugged machine too. As for typing experience, it's a subjective verdict; I'd be happy to use either as they're both high-quality typewriters.

sys700 wrote:

The Hermès Script is better looking than the Olympia Script.

There was more than one Olympia "Script". I can't recall having ever compared any of them to the Hermes version(s), but now I'm curious and will have to take a look.

18-5-2019 15:19:15  #12

Re: Hermes 3000 vs Olympia SM9

I don't get the question.  Why to choose between those two models? they look quite different to begin with. If the point is to choose one that is going to be used then get one that is working perfectly, and forget about the brand. If you have plenty of money then get a serviced machine, and the one you like most visually, because most of the serviced machines do the same thing, they type. To choose a "cool typeface" is an option, but then to find one particular model, serviced and script... you can start counting your dollars because is going to be rather expensive. If you have this two machines near you, if that is the case for having the choice in between them, just go, try them and decide, because they can vary a lot in conservation, one crappy Hermes 3000 with broken platen knobs is worse than a "just dirty" Olympia SM9. My advice is not to focus in brands or models, think on what you need it for, make your budget, and from there you can start checking for options. No ofense but the question sounds to me like:  "do I buy a tractor or a digger? But I rather have it in red colour." I wonder what he bought in the end... yeah just figure out that is a super old post! 


19-5-2019 06:09:38  #13

Re: Hermes 3000 vs Olympia SM9

I own around eight or nine Hermes 3000's now (lost track) and about 4-5 SM-9's. After repairing and adjusting quite a few 3000's I know that machine so well now that the margin system is a piece of cake for me to adjust. YMMV. It is an incredible piece of engineering. Overall I find it a more pleasing typing experience than the SM9. The keybed is too steep and the throw is too long on the SM9. The Hermes 3000 is perfection!


28-6-2019 07:51:14  #14

Re: Hermes 3000 vs Olympia SM9

Interestingly, the earliest Hermes 3000 (the curvy one) and the latest version of the Olympia SM9 (the sharply lined gray and white one) are the best looking of the two lines, and are both amazing writing machines. The Olympia had the modern looks that seem contemporary even today, while the curvy 3000 is rightly called by many the best looking typewriter ever. I like the Olympia slightly better for typing because it is a little more straightforward, especially the margins and the key placement. I like the Hermes slightly better overall, because it is such a gorgeous typing experience when you factor in the looks and the feel. I have very cool techno fonts on both machines and those are amazing too.  

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17-7-2019 11:00:24  #15

Re: Hermes 3000 vs Olympia SM9

It's a tough pick. I bought the 3000 purely for the looks back in the day and was surprised at the great action I got. Now, almost 15 years later, I have the SM9 aswell and I can not fathom why it took me so long to see the light. Sure the Hermes is beautiful, it really really is. And it types almost perfect (what is that if not very subjectively) but there is something about the SM9 that is just pure function. I feel as if the front leans toward me saying "come on... write something... you know you want to." The Olympia is for the typist, it's a workhorse and - I sincerely think - beautiful. At the end of the day it has to be a typer before anything else and that's why I'd choose the SM9.


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