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04-3-2014 19:34:03  #1

Graphite lubricant?

Is powdered, greaseless graphite lubricant a good product to use on a typewriter? I watched a typewriter repair video on YouTube, and they said to use greaseless lubricant. I went to the hardware store and this graphite lubricant was the closest thing I could find.


05-3-2014 00:10:33  #2

Re: Graphite lubricant?

Go to any sewing machine store and buy yourself a bottle of sewing machine oil with a telescoping spout. Honestly, that's all you need.


05-3-2014 09:52:03  #3

Re: Graphite lubricant?

Well, let's say I already bought the graphite lubricant. Have you ever heard of its use on typewriters?

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05-3-2014 10:07:33  #4

Re: Graphite lubricant?

People told me to use only 100 % vaseline oil for typewriters. I searched for it quite hard, and found an expansive bottle at a do-it yourself store, leaving aside the way cheaper "mechanical oil" that are everywhere. 
The thing is the "vaseline oil" was not a liquid oil, but a solid lubricant (no pun intended). 
At the end, I finished to go to buy the 1 euro mechanical oil. 

Do you have a link to the video ? That might be a good start :-)

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05-3-2014 12:06:37  #5

Re: Graphite lubricant?

EditingMike wrote:

Well, let's say I already bought the graphite lubricant. Have you ever heard of its use on typewriters?

No. It sounds like an attempt to reinvent the wheel to me. A typewriter requires a very light oil, enough to lubricate some of its moving parts, but not so heavy that the lubricant actually impedes its function. Sewing machine oil not only fits the bill mechanically, it's also readily available and inexpensive. I've used graphite and lithium lubes where heavier oils are required, but there's no way I'd use either in a typewriter. A downside to dry graphite lube is that it doesn't adhere well to a surface it's applied to, which means it has to be reapplied more often, so I don't see why it would be recommended for a typewriter.   


05-3-2014 18:54:18  #6

Re: Graphite lubricant?

I use powedered graphite only if needed in the segment after a good cleaning.  Can't use much oil or grease too many places because it'll attract dust and dirt.  I do use machinists tool oil or sewing machine oil when needed, nothing heavier.  I found Hoppes gun greas is as good as any, but generally I use Teflon lube.  It is available as a grease and liquid.  Works great on carriage bearings.  The liquid also works on pivot points at the segment.  One note of caution on any lube at the segment.  They are designed to be clean and dry as to not accumulate dirt.  I have repaired quite a few typewriters that have had gunked-up segments because those who know how to fix everything with lubricant sprayed,dipped, swabbed, etc., it into the segment.

A typewriter's worst enemy, WD-40!


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