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17-11-2018 13:43:26  #1

Disco-era Olympia SF

Saw this at a thrift store this week and couldn't pass it up for $2.99.
I was certainly surprised when I got it home that despite its toy-like appearance the typing feel and print alignment and quality are first-rate, once I got the ribbon threaded correctly. Serial No. is 15-1958772.
The build them good in (West) Germany.


17-11-2018 14:14:55  #2

Re: Disco-era Olympia SF

Whoa, that's um...garish. But kinda sexy too.


17-11-2018 16:29:31  #3

Re: Disco-era Olympia SF

These Olympia Travellers are good machines.  You got an absolute bargain.  I see that it even has the deluxe carry case rather than the usual 'snap-over' plastic one.  Excellent find ! 


18-11-2018 18:15:05  #4

Re: Disco-era Olympia SF

I know it looks like a toy (maybe that's why is was priced so low) but I am quite impressed. The type alignment and impressions are close to a Selectric in precision and quality. And yes, the case looks much better than the machine.
Definitely a "keeper."

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