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05-12-2018 23:55:48  #1

Tearing down an Underwood 5: education and entertainment for newbies

This post comes with a caveat.  Two, actually.  One, if you actually know how to tear down a typewriter, don't watch these videos.  You'll end up throwing things at the wall, or else spilling coffee on yourself from laughing.  Two, if you're new at restoring typewriters, do NOT go and do what this person does.  He makes a number of mistakes he could have avoided by consulting a repair manual first.  Get the manual.  Read it in conjunction with watching, or before, or after, but definitely before you go to take your Underwood apart.  Learn what your assemblies are and what they do. Don't twist a "thingy" and go "oops" and find yourself with bearings rolling all over the floor.

That said, if you're as new as I am, there's some real educational value in actually seeing the different inner workings, the screws connecting them, their motions, etc.  There's a good segment on removing and putting type bars back in.  If you are working from your manual to remove a specific part, you might find moments in the videos where you can see how that part can be operationally removed (and reconnected). And, to me, it feels less intimidating--having just bought my first Underwood 5 that is going to need a lot of work--to watch what amounts to an amateur dissection by someone who (if he doesn't know typewriters) is at least pretty mechanically apt.

So there you go, and hope somebody enjoys these too. 

Just to add, if you watch all these, you'll notice at the end of the third video that he references a fourth--this is actually the video labeled Rebuild #1, which link follows the third. He never finished the series, or went back to get the typewriter actually working.  For which reason, see Caveat #2.


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