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20-12-2018 10:42:52  #1

Austrian Amata Typewriter Typeface

Does anyone have an example of the Amata typewriter typeface? I saw an Amata typewriter on ebay and during research I read that it had a "very distinctive typeface."  I can't seem to find an example anywhere.  There is one machine on the Database but there is no typeface specimen for it. 


21-12-2018 11:43:39  #2

Re: Austrian Amata Typewriter Typeface

I would contact the eBay seller and ask for either a slug photo or a type sample, or at the very least a reason why they are claiming it to be distinctive. Many typewriter ads are written by those who don't have any knowledge of what they're selling and consequently you have to take most of it with several grains of salt.

With respect to Georg's Amata (in the Database), the last gallery photo shows that it's equipped with what appears to be a very common typeface:

21-12-2018 16:13:57  #3

Re: Austrian Amata Typewriter Typeface

Thank you!

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