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04-1-2019 15:16:27  #1

FS: 1963 Smith-Corona Classic 12 with case

The time has come for me to downsize my collection. 
This Classic 12 (serial #118658) is in good condition. It types well, I replaced the draw band, and the case only has some cosmetic blemishes and no key. I cleaned the typewriter to the best of my ability and will include the ink spools it came with. The platen is hard but undamaged. The ribbon reserve only goes one direction, so you'll have to rewind the ink by hand. The previous owner drowned the inside parts with WD-40 or something similar and while I was able to clean off most of it, some residue remains. 
My asking price is $35 or best offer. Shipping could cost as much as $60 so I'm hoping there's someone local who'd like to pick it up or meet me somewhere. I'm outside of Spartanburg, SC and would be willing to drive as far as Greenville, Columbia, Charlotte, NC, or somewhere comparable. 
If you want to pay for shipping, I'll do it ONLY WITHIN THE 48 CONTIGUOUS STATES. 
PM me if you're interested or have other questions.


13-2-2019 10:02:27  #2

Re: FS: 1963 Smith-Corona Classic 12 with case

If no one here is remotely interested, I'm gonna put it on Craigslist and hope for the best. 

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16-7-2019 19:22:46  #3

Re: FS: 1963 Smith-Corona Classic 12 with case

I had no luck on Craigslist. This typewriter is still available if anyone's interested.

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