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11-1-2019 11:54:45  #1

Origin of Smith Premier Chum name?

I happened upon this Smith Premier advertisement in a 1904 periodical on ebay.  What struck me, of course, was the periodical's name, The Chum.  This may be just a coincidence, but let's look at the facts.

1. 1904 is one year after the 1903 Smith Brothers' exit of the Union Company Typewriter Trust (which also included Remington).  The Trust kept ownership of the Smith Premier name (for a discussion of this see AntiKeyChop  Hypothetically, there could have been an individual who was involved with the Trust in 1904 may have been in the organization that made the Smith Premier Portable Chum in the mid to late 1920's when the Remington Portable 2 was on the market.

2. The Chum periodical inside front cover includes a highfalutin message that includes "expression of individual," "search for truth and blessedness," and, "the Ideal of this magazine is to gain and give knowlege of the wants of the individual and of the means of supplying these wants."  Perhaps this ideal hit home to the aforementioned hypothetical individual.  

Conclusion: This idea is a GIANT stretch unless there is some evidence besides the word "chum," which was probably a common term back then.  



11-1-2019 13:38:40  #2

Re: Origin of Smith Premier Chum name?

Seems to me that it was just a contemporary marketing effort, the equivalent of selling a 'Dude' laptop today in the hope of enticing millennials to buy your machines.  

"To save time is to lengthen life."

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