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21-1-2019 01:05:26  #1

Olympia SF Colors, 1957-60

Does anybody know what colors the Olympia SF (rounded body) came in, between 1957 and 1960? I have a gold-ish one with dark red keys, and a striped carrying case. I would also love to learn more about the carrying cases.
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21-1-2019 15:11:03  #2

Re: Olympia SF Colors, 1957-60

When you say "rounded body" I assume you mean to exclude the SF De Luxe?

The SF was introduced in '56. From '61 on it had a different paper rest (along with a number of other changes), so I assume you're only interested in the colours that were available for the models with the wire paper rest?

There were a number of different model names given to the SF during that period, and it was offered in a few different colourways. Seashell-yellow was perhaps the most common of them, which is probably the colour you're referring to as being "gold-ish". The earlier ones had black keys, and later '50s models red keys. The other colours that I've come across from that manufacturing period are: white (off-white/cream) with either black or cream keys, and black with cream or white keys.

There were two more colours added for the SF models manufactured from '61 onward: red with white keys, and blue with white keys,

There might have been other colour options as well, but these are the ones that come immediately to mind. It's also worth mentioning that there were different accent colours used for components such as the platen knobs and shift keys, green being one of the common ones.

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31-1-2019 21:02:25  #3

Re: Olympia SF Colors, 1957-60


I have the exact same one with the striped (candy cane striped) case.  


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