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25-1-2019 06:16:07  #1

Decimo International "Personal Touch" Portable I

I'm wondering if anyone had any information about this typewriter? I've done a quite extensive search for it but I've come up with nothing. Any information would be appreciated. 




25-1-2019 15:13:59  #2

Re: Decimo International "Personal Touch" Portable I

What you have is a private label Nakajima, probably made in Japan. The body style looks like a late '70s model, so its unlikely to be a more recent Chinese-made Nakajima. There might be a label on the back of the machine indicating its country of manufacture, and a sticker under the carriage (move it to the extreme left or right) with its serial number. The number should help narrow down how old it is. 


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25-1-2019 15:58:39  #3

Re: Decimo International "Personal Touch" Portable I

I cannot see your pictures on my computer, but I can tell you a bit about Decimo.  It started as a normal office equipment company company here in Luton, England in the late 1960's.  At that time it was called Dorsett Business Machines and was run by a man called Dougie Dorsett.  When England went over to decimal currency in February 1971, there was a huge demand for decimal tills and desk calculators to replace the old £sd machines.  Mr. Dorsett went to Japan and started importing these, giving them the name 'Decimo'.  It was a tremendous success, and the company expanded out of all recognition, building a new HQ and offices just around the corner from the original shop.  The name of the firm was then changed to 'Decimo'.  In the late 1970's/early 1980's, they also tried importing Nakajima manual portables, which they branded as 'Decimo Personal Touch', but not many were sold.  Decimo has disappeared now, but the building in Chobham Street still remains - now occupied by another firm. 


25-1-2019 21:12:47  #4

Re: Decimo International "Personal Touch" Portable I

Why does this look so much like an Olivetti? Were there other Nakajima-made typewriters with this body?


27-1-2019 16:33:26  #5

Re: Decimo International "Personal Touch" Portable I

Probably, but I think that a part of the private label manufacturing package provided each 'brand' with a distinctive case design. I have a few machines that are very similar to this one (either an Adler or a Triumph - TA Organisation/Litton), and some that are in wildly different cases even though internally they're identical typewriters.

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