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19-3-2019 17:23:56  #1

Olivetti Studio 44 Platen Knob removal

I've searched here & elsewhere, and found a few bits of information, but I thought I'd post here for your thoughts before I proceed:

The carriage return lever linkage is missing, and I gather that I'll need to at least remove the left platen knob to access the space where I can replace it.  I'm aware that I need to set the line space lever to 0 for this procedure.  The knob itself unscrews (counter-clockwise), but I understand that I need to instead unscrew the rod it's attached to, which itself screws into the platen core.

Which direction do I turn to unscrew this rod?  Everything's a bit tight, and I want to make sure that I'm not accidentally tightening it!  From what I gather, this rod has reverse threads, so will turn clockwise to unscrew, which makes sense.  Can anyone confirm?




25-3-2019 16:48:00  #2

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 Platen Knob removal

Well, I've gotten to the area, and tried a few times with successively shorter linkages, but the return lever still seems to have a lot more travel in it than feels right.  Can anyone with  a Studio 44 tell me this:

When set to single-space, where in the travel of the return lever does the line space pawl engage the platen?  Mine waits until 75-80% of the total travel, which feel very loose!   

Even better, anyone made this repair happen to remember the length of the replacement linkage?  Currently, I'm at 16g wire, with an overall length of 15mm.



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12-4-2019 15:22:23  #3

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 Platen Knob removal

Hi, Fragpie,

So, how DID you remove that left platen knob? The rod going into the platen on my machine has two slots in it between the end of the platen and the end-piece of the carriage - like you could put a thin 1/8"wrench on it and turn it. Did you do that?  Also, which way is it threaded? Thanks for any advice you can give!


14-4-2019 15:42:13  #4

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 Platen Knob removal

Answering my own question: a 7/32" wrench is the proper size to fit the slots on the platen rod, and after I borrowed one from a neighbor, I got the rod to turn (counterclockwise) and was able to remove it (and the knob).


15-4-2019 09:54:23  #5

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 Platen Knob removal

Counterclockwise!  Thanks for that.

I didn't end up removing the whole rod.  I removed the left platen knob only, which allowed access to the rest:

(set line space lever to 0)
1) Unscrew the line-release button (within the platen knob).  I used my fingers + friction.
2) Unscrew the platen knob.
3) Remove the toothed line-spacing wheel (might have to gently pry it free)
4) The "clutch control piston" that the line-release button was screwed onto, is fixed into the "stop disc" by a small pin, which you can push out.  Don't lose it!  Also, the piston will pop out once free of the pin-- there's a spring behind.
5) The stop disc should slide off now.

This opened things up enough to allow me to replace the return lever linkage.  Also, this allows access to the pin which allows removal of the return lever itself, if you need to replace.

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