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24-3-2019 12:10:27  #1

Adler J3 Ribbon Vibrator Adjustment


My Adler J3's ribbon vibrator works only when the ribbon selector is set to black, and then it moves so high that it types in red. There is a U-shaped bracket with slots on both legs that operates the vibrator. The ribbon selector mechanism has a stud that slides back and forth between the bracket legs. One end of the stud engages the slot for the black setting and the opposite end of the stud engages the slot for the red.  I can see that when it's set to red, the stud stops short and doesn't engage in the slot. I've been trying to adjust it, but can't really access the mechanism enough to see it well, and there seems to be very little (if any) margin for error for both slots to engage properly.

I'm thinking that I need to remove the carriage, but am wary of that. I've read elsewhere that some J model carriages can be removed easily by removing just 2 screws.  I've looked this one over pretty carefully and don't see any screws that look like they'd do that. 

Any advice for either the vibrator adjustment or carriage removal would be greatly appreciated!



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