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28-3-2019 13:33:57  #1

SG1 -- lining spacing selector

I posted just now about acquiring three SGs earlier today (q.v.). One of them is an SG1N -- as I understand it, that's the version without the paper injector and the double spacing feature. I wonder how uncommon these are.

Anyway, I was checking things out and changing the line spacing selector wheel (left side of the carriage) when all of a sudden it lost tension -- would not hold a setting. I then noticed a single loose ball bearing on the table, and figured it had fallen out of the detent mechanism for the selector. Looking at the SG1 service manual online, sure enough there is a ball bearing and spring that is part of this mechanism. I must have forced it too much, and it was gummed up, so I managed to pop the bearing out.

Here is the problem: I need to remove the left hand cover to the carriage. There are several screws holding it in place, which I've removed. Also, the tab clearing lever is held in place by a set screw, and that comes off easily enough. But I still need to remove the carriage release lever in order to get at the selector mechanism. There is a large screw holding the release lever in place, which I have removed, but the lever will not budge.Is there something more I need to remove? The service manual merely directs you to remove the cover and these two levers -- no indication of additional steps.

Thanks. (Of course, this just gets me at the line spacing selector mechanism -- I still need to effect the actual repair, which I hope will go OK.)


29-3-2019 18:21:57  #2

Re: SG1 -- lining spacing selector

I have this model.   I'm not near it at the moment, but could remove the covers and take a pic or two, if that becomes helpful.


29-3-2019 18:53:08  #3

Re: SG1 -- lining spacing selector

Yes it would, thanks. I'm particularly interested in 1) how to remove the carriage release lever (necessary to do in order to remove the cover) and 2) how to reinstall the ball bearing that appears to have fallen out of the line spacing selection dial. Much appreciated.

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