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03-5-2019 07:14:57  #1

Riverdale Typewriters

First, Riverdale (Netflix) is a terrible show.  Sure, the target audience is 14-17 year olds, but I think teenagers also write the show.  However, my wife grew up with Archie comics, so I'm kinda stuck... but I digress. 

I think that the art director must have a love for typewriters (or an awareness of their resurgence), because there have been several different models featured in scenes throughout the episodes.  Although it makes no sense that the typewriters change every week, it's a bit of fun to try to identify them (and a point of pride when I can!).  This week, for instance, featured what looked like a green SM3, but with some gold letters/decals across the back-- so perhaps it was something else?  In any case, nice to see that they didn't just throw a rusty Underwood 5 on a desk, and call it done!


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