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19-5-2019 07:07:28  #1

Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

We had another sunny day in Michigan yesterday (I think this was sunny day #3 this year) so I took the Vespa out for a ride to see where it would take me. Inevitably I ended up at the local Goodwill, and as I walked in the first thing I saw was an old Samsonite case in the corner with the words Classic 12 on it. Intrigued, and unfamiliar with this model, I decided to open it up to see what it was, half expecting to find an old electric typewriter.

I was surprised to find a near mint Smith-Corona Classic 12 manual typewriter from around 1972 timeframe, with metallic gray metal cover, original manual, unopened spare ribbon (sealed in plastic), and original warranty card. After verifying basic functionality, I decided it was worth the $25 they were asking and coughed up the $. It took some doing to strap it down to my Vespa, but I managed to get it home safely where I could inspect it in more detail.

To be honest, I was surprised at all the features this typewriter had for the era. Removable type slugs, a Power-Space feature that zips across to the line you want, an easily removable platen for cleaning, a futuristic design, and a really solid Samsonite case. Besides that, it is a really solid typer, and will likely last for many years to come.

This one is a keeper!!!


19-5-2019 15:04:52  #2

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

I doubt those Smith-Corona cases were made by Samsonite™, What is your source? I think they were made by Smith-Corona, Very nice cases, though; I think the best typewriter cases.


19-5-2019 17:07:11  #3

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

Can you check the underside of the typewriter for a sticker that looks like this? If there is one, can you provide that number along with the typewriter's serial number, which is also located there? It should begin with something like 6LTV.....

This thread (topic) explains why:

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20-5-2019 09:15:14  #4

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

I agree with the positive comments about the SMC 6 series portables and their cases. (I'd like to find a couple empty cases myself, for two of my machines that have been "orphaned.") One negative about the cases, though -- the tops of the cases had a styrofoam bumper piece to help keep the machines from shifting around.A nice idea, but it's hard to think of a less durable material! 


20-5-2019 10:08:48  #5

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

I don't think SCM intended that styrofoam block to last beyond delivery to the end customer; it was a shipping precaution, like those strips of tape around some edges, which were intended to protect against paint rubbing and were expected to be removed by appearance-conscious users. In fact, if they weren't removed soon after purchase, they dried into quite the eyesore. Likewise, the anchors worked very well and the styrofoam isn't really needed.


20-5-2019 11:18:30  #6

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

I guess you're right -- though apparently SCM wasn't clear enough to purchasers that the foam was to be removed. As for that tape you mention -- same deal: I've seen any number of machines with dried tape on them, like surrounding the slot on the back where the case's tongue slots into the machine.


20-5-2019 13:47:45  #7

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

That's the stuff. Maybe it was meant to protect the machine inside the factory; it is easy to get the slot wrong if you're not careful, as with high-speed packing.
I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the user manual; maybe it was on some throw-away piece. Plus the styrofoam doesn't hurt anything whether it's there or not.


20-5-2019 18:10:35  #8

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

I think that tape is sexy. It's probably why so many people left in place.

As Michael mentioned, I've also seen the extra card that was shipped with the machines explaining how to unpack the typewriter for first time use. It may not have been with one of my Classic 12s, but with another 6-series model, but it would have applied to all models. Some user manuals had unpacking instructions in them, but I think just as often it was on a separate piece of paper.

"To save time is to lengthen life."

21-5-2019 03:05:37  #9

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

Looking at your photo Uwe, I wonder if the tape has been left or added to stop the ribbon cover from rattling


21-5-2019 05:02:13  #10

Re: Goodwill Hunting - 1972 Smith-Corona Classic 12

Sorry for the late response. I had selected "notify me of any replies by email" and have yet to receive a notification. At any rate, no sticker underneath my typewriter. Serial number is 6LTV 347538. There is a code on the frame: 9 55.

My case came with the styrofoam intact:

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