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09-7-2019 15:29:23  #1

Remington Travel Riter repair manual

Hi all. I've recently found (read 'bought') a Remington Travel Riter for a seemingly very good price. I've found a problem which will require removing the keys to resolve. I've been looking for a repair manual to download; I did find one but it refers to parts by code number without an accompanying diagram. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good repair manual (to download or to buy) please?


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Re: Remington Travel Riter repair manual

Check out the manuals listed here:

Not sure if it’s the same model (or similar enough) but here is the Remington Portable manual:


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Re: Remington Travel Riter repair manual


09-7-2019 15:53:21  #4

Re: Remington Travel Riter repair manual

Thanks very much Jim, I think that between the two manuals I should be able to work out what's going on. It's a 1955 Travel Riter. The semi-colon key link was detached when I bought it but I was able to fix that. Trouble is that this seemed to prevent an adjacent key from working. It'll take some time and a lot of care to work it out but I like a challenge! Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

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06-8-2019 15:00:37  #5

Re: Remington Travel Riter repair manual

It turned out to be a fairly straightforward repair and it helped me learn more about the Travel-Riter. It now works as it should. Gets used a couple of times a week, but for most writing I tend to gravitate towards the SM9. Love the looks and the industrial vibe of my Travel-Riter though.

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