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11-7-2019 10:51:50  #1

Remington Standard serial numbers

Hi all, I bought a Remington Standard in 1996, left it alone for a long time but now it has been cleaned and serviced, new ribbon in place and I love it! The trouble is that I can't find a source of serial numbers for Remington Standards of around 1950 to 1960. The serial number I am trying to trace is J113721HF. Any advice would be appreciated (Typewriter Database doesn't help unfortunately). Thanks!


12-7-2019 11:51:33  #2

Re: Remington Standard serial numbers

Photos can often help, but based on the serial number I'd venture a guess that it's an early '50s Super-Riter. The six digit number would be consistent with Remington's manufactured outside of the U.S. during that time. The two letter suffix is interesting; does it have any unusual features?

12-7-2019 11:55:18  #3

Re: Remington Standard serial numbers

Thanks Uwe, I did wonder if I has a Super Riter but there is no lettering on the back of the machine (other than Remington Rand). Two tone paint, darker grey for the lower sections and lighter grey for the upper sections. Most keys are dark green but some are dark grey. I'll post photos later today. Thanks again, Pete

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12-7-2019 12:08:34  #4

Re: Remington Standard serial numbers

Well, I don't recall having ever seen a two-tone Super-Riter, or one with different colour keys, so it sounds interesting already. If not original, it's always possible that someone swapped a few case parts and keytops from a different Super-Riter.

12-7-2019 14:15:05  #5

Re: Remington Standard serial numbers

Thanks Uwe. Given my history of posting photos I was reluctant to attempt it. I have uploaded more, but most have uploaded upside down regardless of the orientation of the original. I'll post them anyway, and apologies if you have to stand on your head to understand..........[img][IMG][/img][/img]

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