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16-4-2014 05:13:02  #1

Imperial Standard model D typewriter (1919)....

Hi All,

As you may have seen i recently aquired one of these typewriters and after a clean up and general tidy up it is now working quite well. The problem is that it had been a bit knocked around before i got hold of it. The platen knob is still missing and one of the ribbon tape guides is missing. I was also missing the spacebar return springs (now replaced).
My questions are:-
Does anyone else have one of these that they can photograph for me (in particular the ribbon guides - height and position) so that i can make some replacement ones ?
Does anyone have a maintenance guide/manual for this model of typewriter that could be scanned for me to check what else i'm missing ?
Thanks for any help,

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06-5-2015 03:00:34  #2

Re: Imperial Standard model D typewriter (1919)....

Jumping onto this thread, as I have a very similar question.  I also have a model D that was given to me by my grandfather at least 45 years ago.  I know it is largely working correctly, but there is one major problem: the piece that moves the ribbon up and down under the type heads (is it called a ribbon vibrator?) is broken.  Both "arms" have broken off and are long since lost.

I assume there's no chance of finding a replacement, so I'd like to try to make one.  Is there anyone who has one of these machines that could photograph and/or measure this part for me, so I have some chance of figuring out what's needed?

Many thanks, Tim.

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