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01-8-2019 07:22:52  #1

Soundproofing my typewriter

I was thinking about soundproofing my typewriter with technical felt.
Does anyone have experience with this – and most of all: is it worth it?


01-8-2019 10:03:23  #2

Re: Soundproofing my typewriter

Depends on the design of the machine, but it should help control the high frequency 'clck-clack'.  A thick (10mm +) felt pad under the entire machine will work wonders too.  Choose the thickest felt you can fit to the inside of the panels  -  thin pieces will do very little.  Good luck.


01-8-2019 12:28:27  #3

Re: Soundproofing my typewriter

This might be of interest:  Sound Deadening

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02-8-2019 05:26:07  #4

Re: Soundproofing my typewriter

That's an interesing thread, thanks Uwe.

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