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07-8-2019 14:43:41  #1

Fix for Olympia SF/Traveller heavy touch

I accidentally discovered how to fix a heavy touch on Olympia ultra portables, and since I've seen a lot of complaints about the touch it seemed like a good idea to share my story

I own a SF and several Travellers. Some of them have a nice, light touch, some a descent, other a heavy. The SF is the worst, the touch is extremely heavy, even with the touch control set to the lightest level.

When searching the internet on this subject, I found posts from people praising the pleasent, light touch of the SF/Traveller, while other were complaining about an exhausting, stiff and heavy touch. 

I figured it must have something to do with different production years/batches and the individual history of the machines.

Yesterday I found out that this is not the case! The touch of every SF/Traveller is a kind of 'factory preference', it has to do with how the machine is assembled. As always, the solution is simple: just raise the slotted plate at the front a little, and the touch will become lighter.

The job takes only about ten minutes. It changed my SF from a dissapointing machine into a very nice typer! I've repeated the operation on a Traveller, with the same result.

On my Traveller site I've published some more practical details about the fix:


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