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14-8-2019 05:43:28  #1

Remington Standard 12 bell

Hi all
I've found an earlier posting from 2015 in respect of a problem with a sunken margin trigger for the bell (on a Standard 10) but I'm having a slightly different problem and wonder if anybody has any tips, having messed about with it for some time without success. It's a relatively simple mechanism involving a rod which rotates in a channel under the margin stop carrier. The margin stop hits the sprung trigger, which connects to the bent end of the rod, turning it through about 45 degrees, in turn moving the bell hammer through the same arc, to hit the bell. The problem I have is that the rod is merely being pushed out of the channel, instead of being rotated. I could affix something over the channel to stop this from happening but wonder if I'm missing something obvious??
All comments much appreciated!
Ian J


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