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18-8-2019 14:41:54  #1

Cracked paint restoration- Oliver No. 5

Recently purchased an Oliver No. 5 which is in pretty decent shape, except for the paint under the keys. It’s almost like alligator skin... but it’s not actually cracked. I’m guessing it happened from water or direct sun/ heat. Any ideas on how to restore it? Doesn’t have to be perfect by any means, but would like to clean it up. Typically I use Maguiar’s Ultimate Compound which it’s great for smooth paint, but just not sure how it’ll work in this situation. Any suggestions/ feedback is appreciated. Picture below.


19-8-2019 03:14:42  #2

Re: Cracked paint restoration- Oliver No. 5

I cannot see the image that you posted on my computer, but from experience I can guess what the area looks like.  I have seen this before and I think it is caused by the machine having been painted with clear varnish a long time in the past to 'gloss it up' for resale as a second hand typewriter.  Of course, 90 years later, that varnish has deteriorated.  Problem is, if you try to remove it, you will probably destroy the transfers underneath.  So short of a complete re-paint and new transfers, I think you might unfortunately be stuck with it.


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