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03-9-2019 05:43:34  #1

1964 Remington Travel-Riter Deluxe [GR936555]

This weekend I picked up a typewrite from the charity shop for a very reasonable € 8,00. I don't have any experience with manual typewriters (hence the lack of typewriter lingo in this post), but I thought it might be fun for the kids to play with.

After an initial examination I noticed that the carriage didn't move when typing, but this was fixed very quickly. Yesterday evening I took some time to check out the machine and drew up the following list of "issues":

* I loaded plain printer paper into the machine, but the paper doesn't move always when turning the roller knob. This might be due to lack of knowledge on how to load paper correctly, though.
* The carriage return new line feed (or how do you call it) doesn't work always. So it happens that you start typing the new line (partially) on top of the previous line. This might be related to the above problem.
* The ribbon spools are not always turning when typing. Fiddling with the ribbon colour selector and the ribbon holder in the center resolves the issue for a while, but it does re-appear pretty quickly.
* Although I can select black or white on the colour selector, the typewriter always prints in red ink (sometimes with a partial black).

So in short: I need to figure out the paper/roller slipping issue and the workings of the ribbon mechanics.

Any tips on how to pinpoint the exact issues?

- Niels


03-9-2019 07:14:44  #2

Re: 1964 Remington Travel-Riter Deluxe [GR936555]

niels, see our answers in the forum where you cross-posted this.


03-9-2019 13:05:15  #3

Re: 1964 Remington Travel-Riter Deluxe [GR936555]

Quick update:

So I did figure out the paper feeding issue. It looks like the thin feed roller is flattened.

I managed to use both colours on the ribbon, however switching back and forth doesn't go smooth. Also, the ribbon feeding stops until I fiddle with some lever.

Oh, and I did notice that capital A sticks.

So I'll continue searching/reading on the interwebs. I'm sure I can get these things fixed.

- Niels

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03-9-2019 18:05:42  #4

Re: 1964 Remington Travel-Riter Deluxe [GR936555]

Welcome to the forum!  Fixing the flattened feed roller is simple enough: once you get it removed (you may have to bend the tabs that hold the roller in place), take it to an auto parts store and match the rubber to a length of hose you can purchase there.  It's a matter of removing the old rubber from the shaft and sliding the hose on to replace it.  There are a number of videos on youtube showing how this is done.  For the ribbon feed, check the entire mechanism, from the spool holders and the drive gears to the ribbon vibrator ( the device that holds the ribbon for the type bar to hit it accurately).  Usually it is a matter of dirt, grease, or a lack of lubrication (but only use a little!), and beyond that, there could be something out of adjustment.  Try and check the typewriter database ( under the manuals section, and they may have a service manual for the Travel-Riter (yours looks like it's from the '60's).  Be patient and don't force anything, and you should solve the issue.

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