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07-9-2019 22:01:40  #1

Webster XL-747

I just picked up one of these. The Webster XL-747 is a rebadged Brother Opus 889.  I violated my "$20, tops" rule by 5 dollars because I was in a hurry and everything I could find about them suggests they are mostly still in great shape. This one was no exception.  The case was pretty filthy, having sat in storage for several decades, but the machine is in great shape with only minor key sticking that will clean right up-and it has a key dejammer anyway!  I don't have any fresh ribbon for it but it was stored in the case all these years and the ribbon still works quite well.  Wow.

This is only my 2nd manual, the other being a Royal QD that still needs some TLC cleaning to be fully functional, although it types. This one lacks the mojo and majesty of the Royal, but its pretty cute and highly functional, and waaaaaay more portable. Its a good score and I'm very happy with it.



08-9-2019 10:17:10  #2

Re: Webster XL-747

I had an Opus 889, but my wife gave it to a friend for her kid to use. Apparently he uses it often, which is a testimony to its rugged build despite having been a budget typewriter at the time. Brother portables are quite impressive and it's easy to understand how they completely upset the typewriter industry when they first appeared.

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08-9-2019 14:56:54  #3

Re: Webster XL-747

yeah, I got this thing because of their reputation. It may not be as much of a looker but it is a "user", and I wanted something very compact light and portable but most of all useable. It is all of those things! This baby will travel and camp around the country with me.

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28-9-2019 08:15:23  #4

Re: Webster XL-747

I own a Webster XL-747. I find it one of the few credible ultraportables available. It types nicely and travels well.


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